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About us

AMBP was founded in 2003 within a group of industrial and construction companies. It aimed to gather a long experience in the field of supplying of all type of building material products & special buildings construction products in addition to fabrication of building components to create an entity capable of achieving high standards projects. The partners came from a strong contracting back ground having built mega projects such as Saudia City in Jeddah among other famous projects in the 70s and the 80s (seventies and eighties) They oriented their activities towards industry by establishing many companies in the field of steel fabrication, high way equipment, masonry block works, joinary wood works and building material sales. This strong environment provides us a back up in terms of knowhow, material, and human resources

Type of Products


AMBP will strive to be world class manufacturer & supplier of building products to the local & international markets, but through constant technical improvement, research & development & innovation.


With uncompromising integrity as our foundation, we will Inspire, Engage, Create and Deliver. 


AMBP prioritizes innovation, education, and market trends to maximize resource and human potential. Our commitment to integrity, high business standards, safety, and environmental care is unwavering.


We seek new opportunities, enhance competitiveness, and practice strong corporate governance. We contribute to economic growth, promote a learning culture, and earn stakeholders' trust through trust, integrity, and transparency.


We contribute to economic growth, obtain new competitive opportunities, and practice governance at the highest levels, distinguished by disclosure and transparency.






Khamis Mushait


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AMBP, is part of Dhilal Holding Group, is a trusted name in industries and construction sector, serving Saudi Arabia.

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